Friday, November 24, 2017

Girdiron Glory

The Museum of Science in Boston was having a special exhibit on Football - and of course I wanted to go!  I got the Museum passes from the library and Hubby and I trotted off to Boston.

We usually like to part at Sullivan Square and take the T....but this time it made more sense to drive right in to the Museum, since it's right off the highway and "easy".   Of course, we stayed left  when we should have stayed right and drove 5 or 6 miles out of our way.   Next time we'll know better, right?

Hubby had a bit of a hard time handling the camera on my phone, but still managed to get a photo of me and Gronk!

They had a few interactive displays.   We are listening to the signals being called by the coach into the helmet of the quarterback.  To us, it was gibberish!

One of the best interactive activities was Making the Call on instant replays.  Was it a touchdown?  A fumble or an incomplete pass?  We got to watch the play "live" then watch it from different angles and in slow-mo for 60 seconds, just like to officials.

There was also a whole section on the science of the sport. You could try and throw a pass, and check how you compared to a player on a long jump, 40 yard dash, an standing high jump. They had a video where they snapped the ball and you could check your reaction time.   Hubby and I were woefully inadequate in all these areas!

There was quite a bit of interesting information on how the NFL started, with uniforms, films and rules from the beginning of the league.

Hubby shows off his muscles next to the arm of an NFL player.

They had a whole display on the Patriots.......Brady's locker!

Tom his holding my hand!!

Some jerseys from Patriots legends.

Old-style Patriots uniforms.

Hubby comparing his leg to the thigh of an NFL player.

Looks like we were at Gillette Stadium!

The Lombardi Trophy

Patriots Super Bowl winning photo

We spent about two hours going through the whole display.

And of course, no trip to Boston would be complete without a visit to our favorite restaurant!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Noah's Make-up Birthday Adventure

Hubby and I didn't want the debacle known as "The Worst Birthday Present Ever" to be Noah's memory of his 9th birthday with Grampy and Memere.  So I insisted that we take him out on another adventure.  This time we let him choose.  And he chose Legoland in Boston.  We had taken him there for his birthday a few years ago, so this time he knew what he was getting himself into!

First, I took pictures of the very cool Boston Skyline - all made out of Legos!

USS Constitution

Zakim Bridge

TD Garden

A church

Government Center

Fanueil Hall


Noah and Elsie prepare to race the sculls on the Charles River

Gillette Stadium


Widener Library

The Hatch Shell  - that played real music when you pressed the button

At "night" it would get dark and all the lights would go on.

Fenway Park

People watching the game

Logan Airport

The room is amazing in its detail.  I was happy the Noah and Elsie loved checking it out, even though they didn't know some of the famous buildings.

The workshop where the master Lego builders put together the new creations.

Elsie and Noah

Everyone had a great time!

I love how Elsie is sitting IN the gian bin of Legos!

Noah worked hard at making a Lego car from scratch so he could put it on the racetrack.

Grampy is helping Elsie find pieces

Noah's car broke into pieces when it hit the end, so he decided it made a great Demolition Derby Car!

There was a great big climbing area with many levels, softer rubbery Lego bricks, and a slide

There was a small flying ride

Noah and I went on together.  The faster you pedaled, the higher you went!

Elsie is too cute to be a Ninja

But Grampy looks scary!

Noah carefully went through every step of the Ninja process.

And then chased poor Grampy away!

The final thing was a 4D Lego movie, where we had water squirted at us and then it snowed on us!

I'm happy to say it was a wonderful birthday adventure!  Happy 9th Birthday, Noah!